Journal for Africa Magazine January 2021

Journal for Africa Review

Journal fro Africa Magazine January 2021

Travelling has been part of our nature. We love to explore the world and see new places, however, 2020 was different, we saw the emergence of a new virus Covid-19 that left us trapped in our homes affecting all sectors of our livelihoods. The pandemic has ridden roughshod over humanity, with improbable chance of escape. This led to 2020 being one of the most disappointing years to nature lovers who are waking up everyday to facades of their buildings, trapped in kiln’s fire of isolation affecting their simian nature. With countries enforcing lockdowns there was little to no traveling the whole year, people were just gourmandizing, becoming hopeless fluffy immotile beings, but those who were fortunate enough managed to travel and capture a few moments we can celebrate in this 2021 edition. In times like these, you really feel the importance of travelling, especially now when we cannot. You start reflecting on all those times we should have travelled but didn’t. So, brace yourself as we are about to reveal some of the few 2020 moments. Remember stay safe don’t travel, when the time is right again, we shall meet and create memories together.

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