DPP requests for immediate release of the 2019 elections results (Malawi)

We write as a party to request immediate release of the 2019 elections results.

We as the governing party have held our patience and understand and accepted your public explanations on the release of the results, however Malawi Congress Party (MCP) are taking advantage of our patience and are telling the world and Malawians that we, as the governing party, are putting pressure on MEC not to release the results because we have lost and we want to manipulate the results to rob it of the victory.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has remained quiet and peaceful by not responding to these baseless and irresponsible claims, however there is always the danger that others may tend to believe the lies and propaganda being peddled by the Malawi congress Party.

In their quest to grab power the MCP has unleashed lawlessness by acts of increased violence in the central region and the Lower Shire where their agent Abida Mia, wife to the MCP running mate is at the centre of it. The DPP is of the opinion that immediate release of the results will set the record correct and stop this growing tide of violence and anarchy.

Furthermore, has come to the DPP’s awareness that the MCP through a letter to development partners and the international/diplomatic community is trying to force MEC not to release the results by asking the development community to put the pressure on MEC to hold on the results through unfounded claims that DPP is rigging while on the other hand the same is telling Malawians that it is DPP which is stopping MEC form releasing the results. The DPP feels this is a ploy by the MCP to create anarchy and make the country ungovernable, yet we have had a peaceful election process. We therefore would urge you to release the results instantly to stop this un patriotic and chaotic behavior being demonstrated to the nation of Malawi.

It is our hope that you have everything in place for a speedy release of the results.

For and on behalf of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Grezeder Jeffrey


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