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Journal for Africa Magazine Editor’s Note 2nd issue

Well, everyone needs to feel alive, to feel the rush and lapse in momentum, with a lingering sensation of happiness, fear and curiosity all at once. Such levels of euphoria can only be reached on a safari tour in Africa the cradle of mankind. This is the place where it all began and still continues, a place that still has untamed nature, raw and uncontrolled. Every second is filled with unpredictable and endless experiences that you just have to experience for yourself.

We all need a break from our busy offices and congested cities. Journal for Africa magazine showcases photos from the great African continent and testimonials shared by travelers and nature lovers across the globe who come to Africa to feel its natural connection. So, don’t forget there is nothing more enjoyable on this planet than travelling. Take pictures along the way because pictures simply tell the whole story in “pixels”.

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