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Stocking up with Veterinary and other supplies for the WildBabies

Stocking up with Veterinary and other supplies for the WildBabies.
#EthicalConservation is about making sure we do what we can to directly help the Wildlife most in need. At Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, we know that this involves a lot of hard work behind the scenes, which is sometimes not evident once we show the end results – happy #WildBabies.

Because we are dependent on donor funding, we have the responsibility to make sure that every cent gets maximized and used in the most prudent way to benefit the wildlife.
This involves a lot of phone calls, meetings, emails, driving around and hunting for suitable products and better prices.
It also involves physical hard work, like this past week when we (yes, the two of us), moved 3 tons of stock into our storage unit, kindly sponsored by Cedar Storage.

We would like to thank our loyal donors for making our work possible.

A very special Thank You goes out to #Ecomed and #KotsediMedical for their kind support and donation of many of the products needed to effectively run a Wildlife NPO like #WHWF. You show us that good people are everywhere! Thank you. 🐾🐾❤️🐾🐾

Please support our Projects and help us make a difference in the lives of the Voiceless.

The Future of Wildlife is in Our Hands.

Source: Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation October 19 at 8:28 PM

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